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Zoe Thanatos

What if you decided to end your life, only to find out it wasn’t yours to begin with?
What if there is a life you were meant to live… in another world?

On her 25th birthday Zoe Thanatos is ready to end her short and unhappy life by jumping off a cliff into the Pacific. But her plans irrevocably change when a stranger intervenes, preventing her death while seemingly cheating his own. She demands answers but unearths a whole new world of questions when her savior confesses his true identity – that he isn’t from her world – and leads her down a path of discovery that reveals truths about the life she was meant to live and those responsible for taking it from her.

Discover a new world with “Zoe Thanatos”, the first of three novels that is as intelligent as it is modern, and transports the classic hero narrative into a multiverse rich with possibility and intrigue.

Hey @crystalcierlak are you ever going to finish writing the sequel to Zoe Thanatos? It's been a minute...

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