I haven’t written anything since before the pandemic. Long before the pandemic, in fact. I think I wrote a thousand words or so in January, possibly February, and since then nothing. At first I thought I was giving myself a break from having spent so many years grinding away to build my back cataloge with little financial success to show for it (money was never the reason I started writing, but it certainly feels a lot better when people read your books than when no one reads them). I have a solid work in progress that is close to 40k words (I think, I might be misremembering that) that I started back in 2017. I started working on the next Bidden novel but…. that was the thousand words or so from earlier this year.

There isn’t a point to this, except to say that I have often felt (between books) that I would never write again, and I don’t know that any part of me truly felt like that was really going to happen. Of course I would write again. But that was the feeling after I’d written something, finished something, and I haven’t even done that. Now I can’t help but wonder if the feeling is actually going to stick, and my writing “career” – such as it was – is forever over.