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Nick (a famous pop star) and Layla met and fell in love when they were both young and stupid, and fell into the superficial trappings of fame and wealth. They soon discovered that they brought out the best and the worst in each other, and their marriage – a secret to even their own families – suffered as a result.

“The Romance of Nick and Layla” is a COMPLETED series of six novellas that tells the story of a couple’s dysfunctional relationship over the course of ten years.

WALK AWAY (Part 1):
Layla doesn’t believe in love, and yet there is only one man in the world who has ever had her heart: Nick Hudson. A pop star famous the world over, Nick is everything a girl would want in a man. But their secret marriage is taking a toll on Layla’s life, and every day she’s finding it more difficult to stay with the man who gives her every reason to walk away.