Rating: 2 out of 5.

The story at times is page-turning, and I occasionally liked the story world. I think in the end though I’m not a particular fan of the style this was written in, which is a bit like diary entry style. We pick up with one of two narrators one day (sometimes two in a row) every few months or so, usually with a significant event occurring on just a single day in December. I found myself feeling pretty disconnected between the Laurie and Oscar. Like… I didn’t believe their love. Ultimately I think that was the point, but I’m not sure the author pulled it off very well. At times I found myself getting frustrated with Laurie wondering why she was clearly ignoring her own wants and needs in favor of capitulating to literally everyone else in her lifetime. Emotional moments (like family deaths) aren’t handled with the kind of emotional approach I would expect in a book like this. I really didn’t like what felt like a lack of resolution between Laurie and her best friend at one crucial point. Her BFF said some incredibly awful things and they never really addressed it. Even their reunion was off-page, another thing I didn’t like. There are parts of the story that didn’t read as believable to me, and not because they were outlandish or I couldn’t suspend disbelief, but because in moments where there should be more emotional maturity, it was really lacking. The more I think, the more I believe this book really isn’t for me. It wasn’t satisfying in the right places.