On September 19, 2012, two events occurred simultaneously. First, my grandmother celebrated her birthday. Second, I self-published my very first book, Zoe Thanatos.

I started writing Zoe in the Spring of 2012 while in the middle of pursuing my Masters in Media Psychology at Fielding. I’d done a lot of reading both academic and non-fiction, and out came this labor of love about a young woman named Zoe who one day decides to end her life by jumping from a cliff into the ocean. She jumps, but is caught – impossibly so – and from that moment forward she finds herself discovering that her life is made up of a lie. That she’s not even from this world, but another entirely.

Zoe had a nice start, selling more than I hoped it would, and soon I started writing the sequel. In the months following publishing Zoe I set to work modernizing some of my older work from when I published fan fiction online. One story I’d written back then (I mean, way back then) that had garnered a lot of attention and feedback was The Romance of Nick and Layla. I removed the fan fiction component and gave it a bit of a facelift and a good edit and published the trilogy: Walk Away, Sorry, and White Flag.

Since the end of 2012 my publishing journey has paralleled my own personal growth. In 2013 I celebrated my 30th birthday, then shortly thereafter mourned the loss of my husband’s grandmother. Next came a thesis, graduation, engagement, marriage, and while that was happening along came new stories with the publication of Candidate Four and the birth of The Bidden Series. Seven years later I’m writing this from a room that serves as my work/creative space in a house that I own. With two dogs and two cats and a husband and one day – hopefully – a grassy backyard.

Writing and publishing my stories has been one of the most treasured parts of my life. For me personally, it’s one of my greatest accomplishments. When I wrote my first story at the age of eight (or maybe it was on the cusp of my ninth birthday) I had no notion publishing. That came later in high school when my friend Patricia and I would go to our local bookstore and ask if they had any books, giving our own name (me) or pen name (her). It was a far-flung dream for me then to publish, and once I discovered self-publishing in 2011/2012, I was hooked.

Here’s to another seven years of good stories and amazing readers!