When my husband and I bought this house it came with a modestly-sized and totally unfinished backyard of roughly 2,000 square feet. Right away we started dreaming of the things we could do with so much space. Naturally the discussion of a pool happened very quickly, and just as quickly was filed away in the folder labeled If We Win the Lottery.

Of course the topic has come up frequently the past seven months that we’ve lived in this beautiful home I love so much. We knew for sure we wanted grass for the dogs to play and for us to enjoy with family and friends. But then there was the inevitable reality of irrigation and sprinkler systems and grass types and it costs how much to just plant the seed?!?

Here we are in the dead heat of summer (yesterday it as 110 degrees) and we’ve finally come up with a plan we LOVE! So this morning we rose with the sunrise and set to work.

The plan is that we’ll only be planting grass in a portion of the backyard, knowing that we have plenty of room to expand if we want to. We segmented the area with rope and stakes, leaving strips of land on all sides for future landscaping (we want to plant trees and have enough room for a food garden).

After pulling weeds we set up what will be our sprinkler system. Two hoses with oscillating sprinkler attachments that adequately cover the entire area. Tonight we’ll leave the water on for a good amount of time so that at sunrise tomorrow we can start working the ground with a shovel and cultivator.

Next, we’ll focus on laying down new soil and I think put in some sort of partition around where the grass will be. And then we’ll start planting grass seed! In the meantime, we can start really thinking about how we’ll landscape. We’ve talked agave and trees and more trees, but have yet to finalize anything. Since we also plan on growing food I’d like the landscaping to be as drought-friendly as possible. Maybe we’ll end up doing something with rocks or pavers.

Last weekend we introduced a beautiful rose bush to the garden in our courtyard. This is called the Miranda Lambert (like the country singer) rose and we got it at Home Depot. I am not a rose fan in general, per-se, (unless we’re talking Rose from Golden Girls) but I do love roses in non-traditional colors (which, if you’ve read my Bidden series, you know is a trait I’ve gifted to one or more of my characters). I fell in love with the purple color of this rose and at about $20 for the bush, I as sold.