Pack your bags, you’re going to Palm Springs! Follow along as James takes Natalie on her first family vacation to meet his mother, the elusive Cordelia van Wysen Fitzgerald, and introduce her to a slice of the ultra-glamorous world they inhabit – now her world, too. 

Throughout the trip Natalie questions her place within her newly formed family, trying to walk a fine line between friend and sorta-mother to James’s almost preteen daughter. A series of events has her questioning what she wants now that she is fully entrenched in his world before an unexpected announcement changes everything, including what she thought their future would look like together.

You’ll forgive the tiny cliffhanger once you read what comes before it.

Palm Springs, the twelfth in the Bidden Series, picks up following the events of CONTESTED HEART. Fans of Natalie and James in particular will definitely not want to miss out!