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Hi, hello, and thank you for being here! My name is Crystal (pronouns: she/her) and if this was 1998 and Tripod, I would describe this page as my little corner of the internet; my digital home… or something like that. (Pretty sure my very first username on Tripod was something like “sweetsugar98”). I am a writer/author (which do you personally use? vote down below) and mother and wife and novice gardener and collector of books for my personal home library. For years this site was dedicated to my writing and the books I published and it was far too easy to allow myself to fall out of a routine because I hit a roadblock with content. So rather than limiting myself to just talking about my writing, I figure I can use this site to expand into all the other hobbies and adventures in motherhood and gardening. In the interest of not inserting myself into certain conversations, I will leave the majority of my political commentary on Twitter. 

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The day started around 4:40am when I woke up to pee and then returned to bed in a vain attempt to sleep

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Summer Housekeeping

Every time I think about logging in and updating with a post or even just a “hello”, I get all tongue-tied and

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