The Bidden Series

Like most college graduates, Natalie Harlow is swimming in debt. Her post-graduate job can barely afford her the chance to move out of her parents’ apartment, or make any headway on her $700 a month student loan. 

So when her glamorous, dresses-like-she-isn’t-hurting-for-money co-worker Quinn offers her the opportunity to make a lot of money for just one night of work – a “job” that is as secretive as it is lucrative – Natalie is hesitant, but curious.

Twelve glamorous “Candidates” line up for twelve gentlemen bidders in a luxurious, private residence high in the hills above the city. The item up for auction? One night with a Candidate. 

He pays, she stays. What they do is up to him.

Is the lure of cash enough for Natalie to lay herself aside for one night as Candidate Four?

This story is a contemporary erotic romance that will make you laugh, love, and leave you wanting more!

I can't wait to read Palm Springs, the next story in #thebiddenseries. Get all the latest news & updates from #CandidateFour Hi @crystalcierlak!

Candidate Four

Sinful Reunion

Secret Desires

The First Candidate

Beyond Ruin

Unbidden Love

The Honeymoon

The Other Woman

Forbidden Halloween

Fading Dusk

Contested Heart

Palm Springs

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