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The Bidden Series

Like most college graduates, Natalie Harlow is swimming in debt. Her post-graduate job can barely afford her the chance to move out of her parents’ apartment, or make any headway on her $700 a month student loan. 

So when her glamorous, dresses-like-she-isn’t-hurting-for-money co-worker Quinn offers her the opportunity to make a lot of money for just one night of work – a “job” that is as secretive as it is lucrative – Natalie is hesitant, but curious.

Twelve glamorous “Candidates” line up for twelve gentlemen bidders in a luxurious, private residence high in the hills above the city. The item up for auction? One night with a Candidate. 

He pays, she stays. What they do is up to him.

Is the lure of cash enough for Natalie to lay herself aside for one night as Candidate Four?

This story is a contemporary erotic romance that will make you laugh, love, and leave you wanting more!

Candidate Four

Sinful Reunion

Secret Desires

The First Candidate

Beyond Ruin

Unbidden Love

The Honeymoon

The Other Woman

Forbidden Halloween

Fading Dusk

Contested Heart

Palm Springs

I can't wait to read Palm Springs, the next story in #thebiddenseries. Get all the latest news & updates from www.crystalcierlak.com #CandidateFour Hi @crystalcierlak!


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