The First Candidate (Bidden #4)

Every affair beings somewhere…

When a class assignment calls for designing a profit-earning business plan, James Fitzgerald and his classmate – the cool and secretly provocative Audra Robertson – decide to take things a step further: a legendary, for-one-night-only party in a gorgeous mansion high in the hills of Los Angeles at $20 a head.

The party is a success, but it’s in a secret room above the pounding music and flowing alcohol where the night really begins and history is made: The very first auction.

Twelve beautiful girls in golden colored masks. Twelve horny college guys with disposable income to burn. James makes the first bid on the first candidate, a stunning blonde whose identity he’s sure he knows. But it isn’t until they’ve begun to consume their lust-filled passion that James realizes she isn’t who he thought she was…

In this short story prequel to the Bidden series, meet James before he was Gentleman Twelve, and learn the origins of the storied auction that would one day introduce him to Candidate Four.

The First Candidate

This Bidden novella is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited