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“Everything inside her ignited at his words, skin alighting with gooseflesh all over her arms and legs. Weeks. In just weeks his marriage to Audra could be deemed legally settled as if it never happened at all. He was right when he said it would change things. It changed everything.” (do you want to keep reading? [mycred_link href=””]yes[/mycred_link] or no)

“So what do you think so far, Red?” He held her gaze, waiting for an answer. “I think it feels like I’ve stepped into a very aspirational Pinterest board,” she replied with all sincerity. “And your mom is a little intimidating. You really grew up here, in this house?” James chuckled, her answer not surprising him in the least. “Not all the time, but often enough. She is very intimidating,” he agreed, adding for good measure, “to outsiders. Let’s just say there’s a circle of trust,” he rose his eyebrows at the reference. “That’s just great. You know Celine tried to warn me about your mother?” He frowned, eyes rolling dismissively at the mention of his ex-wife’s name. “Don’t listen to anything Celine says. Especially about Cordelia. Celine’s mistake was she tried too hard to prove she was someone she thought my mother wanted her to be. She cultivated this idea of what it was to be my wife, to dress us for a part she cast us in for the outside world to admire.” Natalie leaned in, brows ticked inward as he listened to him, watching him closely as he spoke. Waiting for him to contradict his ex rather than just impugn her word. “So it’s not true that your mother thinks no woman will ever be good enough for her son?” James shrugged. “Of course she thinks that. She’s my mother. She’s protective to a fault. But like any mom she just wants me to be happy. When she sees how happy you make me, she’ll fall in love with you, too.”

Palm Springs, ch 5

Palm Springs is a novella-length sequel to Contested Heart that features the following characters from the Bidden series: Natalie Harlow, James Fitzgerald, Francesca Robertson-Fitzgerald, and Celine Robertson-Fitzgerald. Some characters are mentioned in passing but they are not actually present within this story. The story takes place over the course of five days and is primarily told from Natalie’s POV.