Everything inside her ignited at his words, skin alighting with gooseflesh all over her arms and legs. Weeks. In just weeks his marriage to Audra could be deemed legally settled as if it never happened at all. He was right when he said it would change things. It changed everything. “You know, we don’t have to get married right away,” Natalie offered, climbing from her seat into his open lap, his arms snaking around her as she curled up against him. Her bikini was still soaking, but so was he still covered in a sheen of workout sweat. “We can take our time. Plan it out exactly how we want it.” She nipped at his ears with her lips. “Or not and just elope. Whatever feels right.” James held her head, bringing her to face him. “Sounds like you just said yes to marrying me, Red.” His smile grew as he looked at her, taking in the silvery blue of her eyes, the pink lips he wanted to feel crushed against his. “Well, I don’t exactly remember you asking me, James Fitzgerald.” His smile could not be diminished. “Mmmm,” he purred, kissing the underside of her chin. “Natalie Fitzgerald. I like the sound of that.”

Palm Springs, chapter 11
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