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Welcome to the members only section of! Right now, this area of the website is reserved for newsletter subscribers only. However, if you’re not a newsletter subscriber and you want to join in on all the fun of being a Reader, use the chat link at the bottom right corner of the page to send me a message letting me know you’re interested. 

When logged in to your account you can earn points by exploring the site, commenting on posts, and finding secret content hidden within the site. As you earn points you’ll also unlock achievements, and have the ability to use those earned points to unlock book content from my current published catalog of books.

As the site grows I’ll be adding even more ways to earn and use those points, so get started by registering today and see everything the site has to offer!

Ways to Earn Points

There are a plethora of ways you can earn points when logged in to Leaving a comment on a blog post, exploring the site and clicking on a hidden feature, or merely logging in are things that can earn points! 

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