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These are the stories and series I am currently working on, or have in development at the moment. It is my handy little publishing roadmap for the next few years. Click on a series tab to see what I’m currently working on for those characters/storylines.

Countdown to PALM SPRINGS release day

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Palm Springs (officially done!) takes place following the events of Contested Heart and is book number twelve in the series. Lucky 13* will follow Quinn in her first standalone story. I’m really, really excited about this. If you’ve never seen Romancing the Stone before you need to watch it now because that is my inspiration. Only I am Joan Wilder. Or is it Quinn? Anyway, it’s going to be fun and very, very glamorous. And a 14th story is in the works as well, focusing not just on the main romance but also expanding the world of characters. I’ll have much more about book 14 in the future. 

*Not the title of the book but it does have a certain panache to it, doesn’t it?

If you like short steamy reads then check out my LB titles on Amazon. Currently I’m working on a short novella called His and Hers & Mine which I hope to release this summer. His and Hers & Mine is available now! As well as the next in the Elemental Lovers series, The Enchantress of Autumn. I’ll have more about this series coming to my blog this summer.

*working title

This book started as a rather straightforward steamy romance of the billionaire-contracted-boyfriend variety, but has, throughout the course of it’s life as I’ve written it, morphed into something different. The narrative style is one I’ve never before attempted and really quite challenging. I’m not sure what the proper name for it is yet, so I’ll call it a dual narrative. Two books in one. You could read either first and have a different story experience. 

Like I said, challenging. I’m excited to see where it takes me. 

This one I’m keeping under wraps. For now.