White Flag

Nick Hudson and Layla Garrett are in unfamiliar territory. Divorced. Expecting. Living under one roof. While Nick’s career has taken a backseat to his impending responsibilities as a father, Layla’s professional life is just starting, and she’s found a life for herself she can finally enjoy. The connection between them is as potent as ever, but sometimes people just aren’t meant to be, no matter how much they used to love each other.

Cut to 14 months later. Nick is back on the road devoted as ever to music. Layla is a single mom trying to build her own career. Neither one is speaking to the other. Just when their lives seem to be settling into something familiar, Nick does something that brings him back into Layla’s life in the most intrusive way possible. Can these two finally get things right now that there’s a third person in the picture? How will these two unstable lovers manage the ups and downs of parenthood while also trying to figure out what they mean to each other, once and for all?