Tasting Rielle

The goddess Astrea has awakened within Rielle, and she has a new bargain for The Immortal: blood for seed, desire for rebirth.

Fleur will do anything to protect her beloved brother, even make the trek into the garden between worlds where she has been expressly forbidden from entering to seek the help of the only creature more powerful than the immortals themselves: their mother Lilith. When she learns of Rielle’s true nature, will she make it back to the mountain dwelling in time to save her beloved brother from a newly awakened god?

The Immortal is desperate for a taste of Rielle’s blood, even at the cost of revealing the true nature of the soul that resides in tandem with the virgin from Raving Thistle. A single drop restores his health, ignites his lust, and reveals a vision of a golden world and all new desires. He will stop at nothing to have what was promised to him, even if he must destroy his home brick by brick.