Devising Rielle

Devising Rielle

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The Mother of Demons has returned to the human realm to clean up the mess left by her immortal creations, and take care of a certain goddess-possessed human who threatens to unravel the plans she’s spent a millennia cultivating. The apocalypse doesn’t just come about from nothing, it has to be formed. Perfected. And Rielle’s interference threatens the success of her reclaiming the world in her image.

Deep in sopor – a profound sleep used by the gods to sleep between epochs, The Immortal learns he is caught in the middle of a battle, and his decision – the virgin goddess whose bound her soul to him, or his sister Fleur, the immortal patron of purity – determines the fate of the human realm.

Reborn to a world of golden light with the gods, or scorched into a demon-ruled existence.

Can Lilith and Fleur save The Immortal from the goddess-possessed Rielle – who has found a way to seduce her would-be lover even in the deepest recesses of sopor – or will they underestimate just how far the Star Maiden is prepared to go to fulfill her destiny of birthing a new golden era?