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Bidden #13, 2020

The 13th book of the Bidden series will feature Quinn and pick up following the events of Contested Heart. 

10/1 update: Fingers crossed, I hope to complete this for NaNoWriMo. We’ll see what happens.

Bidden #14, 2020…

The 14th book of the Bidden series will continue following the events of Contested Heart, Palm Springs, and Book 13. 

Untitled Paranormal

To be announced

Untitled Romance

To be announced…. potentially 2019

Currently I'm...


Slowly making my way through the Throne of Glass series. Strongly considering start Harry Potter again because I’ve only read through the series just the once. Time to go back to Hogwarts, I think!


Hello and happy October! If this is your first time visiting, welcome! I’m really terrible at greetings and biographies and profiles in general, so I’ll start by introducing myself: I’m Crystal Cierlak* and I write and publish books. Romance books. And some fantasy/sci-fi. I basically write what I want to read. Which is varied, but in general I’ve stuck with Romance. If you’ve found your way here to my site because you’ve read the Bidden series, or you’ve gone through the #drama of Nick and Layla, or you read something published under my pseudonym, Lauren Bolt, then from the bottom of my heart I thank you for supporting my work! I hope you enjoy the content I’ve created for you here (especially the hidden content – explore the site to find it). 

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