I was Crystal Cierlak when I first fell in love with writing and when I published my very first book, Zoe Thanatos, two decades later. But as I write this I am Crystal Parker, full time employee of a regular person job that has kinda okay insurance coverage. I live in Bakersfield with my husband, our two dogs (Winston & Aurora) and our cat (Oliver). He’s a teacher who understands way more about science and math than I ever will. And he’s also the Jeffrey P I dedicate most of my books to (even the racy ones!).

I also publish under the pen name Lauren Bolt. If I had to define what makes the two different I would say it is the serial nature of the Lauren Bolt books that separates them from my usual fare publishing as Crystal Cierlak. By that I mean I write shorter series and serials as Lauren Bolt, and longer, more in-depth series as Crystal Cierlak.

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