The day started around 4:40am when I woke up to pee and then returned to bed in a vain attempt to sleep through the snooze button. I took a shower last night so that meant I didn’t have to do much in the way of grooming. Turns out the baby is the actual snooze button, and so at 5am I changed his diaper and gave him a bottle. I assumed he would take half an hour to drink the bottle and fall back asleep, which he is sometimes known to do. Not this morning. While I’m sure my husband appreciated the assist so that he didn’t have to get up at 5am to feed the baby, he was right on baby duty by 5:45 and I was getting ready for the long commute to the office to work. The office is my spare bedroom.

Today is Wednesday which means the work day starts off with a team meeting. We were down a team member today so a few trainings had to be shuffled around and shortened in order to accommodate everyone. I completed eight trainings. Which I think might be a record because the most I usually have is seven. Since there were so many it took me longer than usual to send all of my follow up emails, which meant about half an hour of overtime. I’m not mad at it. I did have to take my usual half hour lunch break in a twenty and ten minute block, but whatever. At least I ate.

I think. Yes, two small pieces of bbq chicken and some devils egg potato salad. Scrumptious.

I’m off work by 3pm and right away I’m in mom mode. The day has been going okay, all things considered. All of my appointments showed up, and a few even stayed when I was late and very late entering the session. Before I leave work my boss assigns a task and approves additional overtime, but the baby is crying so…. mom mode. The baby is fussy, he’s adorable, he’s co-dependent, he’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Unequivocally.

Around 4pm my laptop decides it no longer wants to connect to my home WiFi, so I have to use my phone as a hotspot and thank my lucky stars that my data plan just rolled over because I maxed our data out last cycle and really couldn’t afford it. I restart, I run CCleaner, I restart twice or three times, I run MalwareBytes. It won’t connect. But the baby wants a bottle anyway so I sit down to feed him and enjoy TV and guess what? The Apple TV won’t connect to the WiFi either.

Am I thinking at this point that I forgot to pay the bill last month and this is probably the consequence of my lack of action? Yes, but also at the same time my husband is having seemingly no connectivity issues while teaching a class in the office. Odd, but restarting the router fixed it and then I was catching up on The Chateau Diaries and streaming Rachel Maddow.

The baby seems to go down, even though at this point in the evening – after the A block on Rachels’ show, so about 20ish minutes – it’s too early for him to go down and if anything he’s going to wake up again in half an hour. Did I attempt in vain to put him down?


And did he open his eyes while walking down the hallway to his room.

Also yes.

Back to the living room, eventually another bottle, and he finally went down sometime after 7pm. So I clock into work and work on the task my boss assigned me. No idea what I do between the time I clock out and end up making myself dinner (baked potato with melted mozzarella and chick fil a sauce*) it’s 9pm and I am exhausted.

This is the routine. Wake up at 4:45. Clocked in to work at 6am. Lunch at 10am. Clocked out by 2:30 unless overtime occurs. Mom mode activated until somewhere between 7 and 9 when he will go down for the night. That leaves me with just a couple short hours to clean (sometimes I can do this while watching the baby but I worry about chemicals and whatnot so I usually don’t) and be…. myself… I see my husband in passing moments between training sessions when he’s watching the baby, and if I’m lucky I see him for a few minutes when he comes home from teaching night classes between 10 and 11pm.

If you think about it, weekends are a joke. Weekends are for getting done the tasks you weren’t able to complete during the week. If you’re lucky you get a nap because staying up “late” (11pm, wild!) is acceptable on Friday and Saturday and maybe you can catch up on sleep. Probably not.

I’m too tired to finish this pot. Probably should have put pictures in it or something.