It’s never too late to set a goal, right? So we’re already eight days into the month of July. Pft. This past weekend I confronted two of my biggest fears – one intentionally, the other an act of mother nature – and in general I’ve been going through a kinda/sorta shift in my personal belief system. I won’t get into that now. Let’s just say that I’m feeling motivated to squash some goals and live my best life (as they say).

1. Read at least two (more) books

Before taking a few days off from work to go to Lake Arrowhead for the 4th of July (a family tradition) I started and finished The Anomaly, which was a real page-turner for a story set in a pitch-dark cave in the middle of the Grand Canyon. (Have I mentioned before that I’m terrified of confined spaces, like caves?) I’d really love to read at least two more books before the month is out. I used to not read when I was actively writing something, but I’ve since learned that an important part of writing is to read what others write.

Check out The Anomaly, and whatever other books end up on my Summer Reading List.

2. Decide what I’m writing next

Over the years I’ve expanded my catalog in some really interesting ways, but not all of them are a Bidden series, which is currently my favorite series to write, and my longest series by a longshot. I’ve pared things down a bit, pausing some stories in favor of pursuing others.

Now that Palm Springs is out in the world I get the choice of what to work on next. There are two stories, in particular, I’ve been working on for about two years or so, one much further along than the other, and both are on my mind, scratching beneath the surface. Likewise, I’m itching to start on the next Bidden book, particularly because it will be Quinn’s solo debut and the story I have in mind for her is really freaking exciting.

Every day I go back and forth between this one and that one, making secret hidden content for you to find later, think about what the characters are doing and saying and where their stories are going to go. So this month I need to will decide where I will next focus my attention.

3. Blog more!

Since “relaunching” this site a few months ago I’ve taken an interest in creating some really (I hope) interactive content for anyone who happens to read my books and stumble across this site. I really, really want to keep that up. Even though I’m certain almost no one is reading this right now (leave a comment if you are?) but that’s okay because some day in the future someone may come upon this site and see all this content already here waiting for them to explore!

It could happen. Since I’m going to blog more. Watch this space.