Not many people know that I also publish romance under the pen name Lauren Bolt. But now you know. It’s my more anonymous name that allows me the freedom to either be experimental or more casual in my approach to whatever story I’m writing. And it just so happens I’ve published a new story!

His and Hers & Mine

For her 23rd birthday, Daphne can’t think of any better way of celebrating than inviting her two best friends to a chic cabin in the woods for a weekend of Netflix and Chill. Although Meredith and Jax don’t exactly get along – she thinks he’s nothing more than a dumb Instagram model, while he thinks she’s a rich b***h snob – they play nice for their mutual BFF. 

But playing nice takes a turn when Daphne thinks up a twist to the classic game of Truth or Dare, and before the sun sets on the first night the trio finds themselves in an unexpected entanglement. What will happen when one friend comes clean about their affection for another, and then a second does, too.

It’s a weekend of wine and weed, games and secrets, revelations and one heck of a proposition.