Introducing: Unpublished Stories

Not every story makes it to print, and some that do get taken down for a variety of reasons.

I wanted to give a home to the stories that I’ve written and never finished, written and never published, or published and subsequently unpublished (it happens). Ideas that may one day come to fruition, and for now are just collecting digital dust in my Dropbox.

To start, I’ve published the two-part first chapter to a story I started working on around the time I was finishing up the Nick and Layla series. I started writing a spinoff involving a character introduced in Heartlines, the sixth and final book of that series with the same kind of introspective look at the foundation of relationships, even when they are built on some pretty shaky ground. I haven’t written any new chapters in years, but I do enjoy the story s it exists so far, and I hope one day to pick it up and make another attempt to flesh out the characters of Wyatt and Vivian.

Read part one of Spectrum here.

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