Devising Rielle is here!

Devising Rielle is here!

If you are a fan of my Awakening Rielle series then I have some good new for you! Part five, Devising Rielle, is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

The Mother of Demons has returned to the human realm to clean up the mess left by her immortal creations, and take care of a certain goddess-possessed human who threatens to unravel the plans she’s spent a millennia cultivating. The apocalypse doesn’t just come about from nothing, it has to be formed. Perfected. And Rielle’s interference threatens the success of her reclaiming the world in her image. 

Deep in sopor – a profound sleep used by the gods to sleep between epochs, The Immortal learns he is caught in the middle of a battle, and his decision – the virgin goddess whose bound her soul to him, or his sister Fleur, the immortal patron of purity – determines the fate of the human realm. 

Reborn to a world of golden light with the gods, or scorched into a demon-ruled existence. 

Can Lilith and Fleur save The Immortal from the goddess-possessed Rielle – who has found a way to seduce her would-be lover even in the deepest recesses of sopor – or will they underestimate just how far the Star Maiden is prepared to go to fulfill her destiny of birthing a new golden era?

After reading a snippet from the book below go ahead on over and get your own copy here!

Happy reading!

The Lord of Time is worshipped by mortals because to them Time is a gift. It stretches infinitely into the future and the past, existing before and continuing after. It is finite in its existence in the eyes of a mortal who is born, lives then dies. From her vantage point among the stars, Astrea watched the birth of each generation followed by the death of the generation that preceded it. Life after life, eons passing by as one son born with the conviction of his father’s ideas carves his place in the world, only to pass it down to his own son, who will later pass it on to his. Dynasties. Kingdoms. She’d lived long enough to see them all and more.

For a human, Time is finite.

For a god, time was merely a unit of measurement. A meaningless tool that humans valued more than currency and sometimes life itself, that she rarely ever considered. Until she became human.

For those countless millennia, she watched humanity recycle one generation after another with somewhat detached interest. She was once fascinated by the human race of mortals as they flourished in the land created for them by the gods. But over time they harnessed power, wielding it as if they were the gods as their machinery and overpopulation spread like a plague, encroaching over every continent. To her, the human mortals destroyed everything they touched with total disregard for the god or goddess who made it, let alone their brothers and sisters who inhabited it.

The end of the world was imminent. Liberation merely shortened the timeline. And how the humans ate it up with vigor.

She felt it the moment it was born into the mortal realm; a pebble tossed into a pond, the ripples spreading out further and further until they naturally subsided, nothing left untouched in its wake. Raving Thistle was merely the first ripple of many. Over time Liberation would spoil the entire world, and with it humanity. All from a pebble.

It could only have been thanks to the fate of the gods themselves that a divinity-touched soul was born into the world of Liberation, her essence so pure and chaste she shined like a beacon that begged Astrea’s gaze from the beauty of the stars.

Like a lily growing from ashes and soot. A sign that the human world was ready for its rebirth.

The prophecy of the Star Maiden commenced the moment Astrea bound her soul to the divinity-touched mortal named Rielle Nullus, then like a patient immortal, she waited.

Waited as Rielle grew from a newborn to a young adult, watching from the recesses of her host’s consciousness as she said her first words, made her first step, grew up just long enough to understand the reality she lived in was much different than the generations that came before her, thanks to Liberation. And she remained hidden when a creature came in the dead of night to lock her up in the psych ward of a hospital and leave her there alone, induced in a sopor so deep Astrea could barely keep her nose above Rielle’s unconsciousness.

A nurse frequented the quiet room often enough that Astrea began to listen to her stories of the world outside the walls of the hospital. Only when she could hear no more did she decide to rouse her human host out of her deep, powerful sopor, and resume what she had started the day of Rielle’s birth.

Rielle crept through the darkness of The Immortal’s room, her footsteps feather-light on the earthen soil. Whatever wards Fleur and Lilith had conjured vanished into specks of dust at her feet as she made her way through the ancient dwelling towards the subterranean floor where they kept him. Their hubris, that they would even dare to think they could challenge a god, would require punishment.


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