What I’m Reading in January

What I’m Reading in January

It’s weird because I feel like I both read a lot and read too little in 2017. I think in my Goodreads profile I said I wanted to read 40 or 50 books last year…. okay I just checked and it was 30 books. And I read eight. Or I documented in Goodreads that I read eight. This year I set a goal of 12 books, one per month. Couple that with the resolution I’ve made not to buy any books until I’ve read the oodles and oodles I’ve already got lying around, waiting to be read, and I’ve got my work cut out for me.

The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen.

This month I’m picking up The Fate of the Tearling, the last book in The Queen of the Tearling trilogy. I was a pretty big fan of the first book and a little split on the second, but I remember very much enjoying the series, even though it lacked a suitable amount of romance for my taste.

The book came out in November 2016 and I didn’t buy it until spring of 2017, so it’s definitely been a while since I’ve been immersed in the world of Queen Kelsea. So much so that I’m finding myself lost in the first 70 pages or so. But I’m sticking with it! Because it’s coming back to me and I’m remembering just how much I liked the characters in this book.

It’s also reminding me I’m behind on Throne of Glass AND making me want to reread that stories from start to where it currently is (I’m two books behind).

It has been far too long since I finished a trilogy of this kind. I think maybe the last was The Hunger Games and that was back in like 201 when I rushed through all three books during grad school and then promptly ugly cried the moment I finished the final words. I then went back and read the epilogue again… and then cried… again.

Who is Kelsea’s father?

Does it still matter? I know there was some debate on Goodreads some time ago about whether The Mace or The Fetch was her father… but those have also been characters other readers have shipped Kelsea with, so that’s a bit weird. Maybe it’ll go like Star Wars and her father will actually be (highlight for The Last Jedi spoiler) nobody important, just like Rey. I remember this question feeling like it was important so hopefully I’ll recall why the more I read.

Will anything romantic happen between Kelsea and The Fetch? 

So yeah, I’m one of those readers who ships her with The Fetch. There’s just something enigmatic about this mysterious character and I feel like there is definite sexual vibage between the two, even if there’s as marked age difference (and uh, 70 pages into The Fate of the Tearling and I’d say “age difference” is massively underselling it).

Is Kelsea going to get her face back?

There was a subplot in the second book (part of what made the book divisive for me) where Kelsea both manipulates her face to look pretty, and also organically starts to change into the face of a much prettier woman (a character named Lily). Kelsea’s looks were a pretty big sticking point in the first book so I would be surprised if there wasn’t some kind of conclusion to this.

Probably more questions, but I’ve forgotten them.

I hope the ending doesn’t make me ugly cry.

Note to future self: did I predict the future?

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