New Year, New Reads

New Year, New Reads

Three months ago I could hardly believe we were just at the start of the holiday season, and now it’s all over and a new year has begun. Where does all of that excitement from the holidays go when the holidays have passed us by? Does it just naturally evaporate once the final Christmas sales have gone away and everything is back to full price as we struggle to hold on to our resolutions for the new year? Just thinking out loud.

Anyway, here are some things I’m looking forward to in 2018

More blog posts

Now that I’ve got the site looking the way I pretty much want it to look all that’s left to do is keep building it up with content. I thought about setting a goal for myself to blog every day of the year, but then I realized I would never stick to that and decided once a week was enough instead. I even made some post ideas in my bullet journal so, watch this space.

Publish more books

This should be a given. I did a lot of not writing in 2017 and would very much like to make up for that in 2018 by writing and publishing more. There are some series to finish out, including The Bidden Series, and the first four in the Elemental Lovers series. But I also need to pay special attention to The Lost Heir (aka Zoe Thanatos #2) because it has literally been five and a half years since I started writing it.

Promote more often

When it comes to promoting on social media I’ve been kind of lame. I’m not a natural salesperson, nor am I someone who can just spout off a good sales pitch about my own freaking stories. I’m hoping to change all that this year with being more active on social media and convincing more readers to part with their hard earned bucks to read my stories.

Collect more art & take more photos

This isn’t really related to writing but I am looking forward to traveling more, taking more pictures of those travels, and collecting art to put on my walls as I travel. We recently started a pretty cool gallery wall in our living room and I’d love to build on that.

Interact more with readers like you!

This probably goes hand in hand with promoting on social media, but what I’d love to do is talk to my readers more often, or just interact with them in general. I love it when readers take the time to send a message of encouragement or support or criticism to me, and I hope to see more of that this year.

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the new year?

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