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Welcome and thanks for visiting! I'm so excited to re-launch CrystalCierlak.com and provide so much new and amazing content that I have been dreaming up for years. Starting June 9th you can purchase books directly from my website, which in the future will include exclusive content not available on Amazon.com or any other e-book retailer. You can sign up to be a member of CrystalCierlak.com and participate in exciting new features that will be coming very soon! Please explore, enjoy and thanks for reading!

Upcoming Releases:
Unbidden Love (The Bidden Series, #5)
Heartlines (The Romance of Nick and Layla, Part 6)
Entrapping Rielle (Awakening Rielle, #3)
The Lost Heir (Zoe Thanatos, #2)

2015 Releases:
Observing Rielle (Awakening Rielle, #2)
Beyond Ruin (The Bidden Series, #4)
The Lost Heir [Preview Edition] (Zoe Thanatos, #2)

Rave Reviews for Crystal’s Books:

SPELLBINDING, MYSTERY, SUSPENSE!!Amazon Reviewer on Observing Rielle
This has just been one HOT series.Amazon Reviewer on Secret Desires
Watch out, E.L. James. There's a new Fifty Shades in town.Amazon Reviewer on Sinful Reunion
This is a must read, it keeps you wondering through the whole thing.Amazon Reviewer on Candidate four