Latest Release: Entrapping Rielle (Awakening Rielle #3)

Entrapping Rielle (Awakening Rielle #3) by Crystal CierlakWith a taste of The Immortal’s blood on her tongue, Rielle hastily escapes towards Raving Thistle, knowing once she crosses the gate halfway down the mountain The Immortal will begin to hunt her. She doesn’t make it too far before hallucinations taint reality, and Rielle is seeing and hearing things beyond her comprehension. 

The Immortal’s harem is wilting under the rise of Liberation, threatening his very immortality. Rielle’s purity may be the difference between life and death, but in his pursuit of her, The Immortal discovers there is another in possession of her soul. One taste of her blood will reveal the secret of who Rielle really is, but risks both of their lives. 

In the meanwhile, Talos - an intermediary between worlds - must inform the powerful demon he serves that the comatose girl they were watching over has inexplicably escaped, and that an even greater power has awakened as a result. 

ENTRAPPING RIELLE is part three of of AWAKENING RIELLE, a 10-part series of short stories that compose one larger narrative. 

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