Latest Release: Unbidden Love (Book 5 of the Bidden Series)

Unbidden Love book coverIt has been weeks since the bombshell revelation that Natalie Harlow carried on a relationship with Audra Robertson behind James Fitzgerald’s back. Neither James nor Audra have seen Natalie since, but their shared love of the woman once known as Candidate Four threatens to dismantle the partnership they have spent a decade building, and potentially every relationship in its wake. 

While James chooses to move on with his family - ex-wife included - Audra decides that loving Natalie is worth risking everything, and returns to Los Angeles to be with the woman she loves. James’ anger makes him act out against both women in ways he never would have before, but by the time he realizes the damage that has been done, it may already be too late. 

Can Natalie resolve the conflict in her heart over whom she truly loves, or will a gesture made in haste make the choice for her? How will James and Audra cope when their rift leaves the very thing they have built together vulnerable to outside forces? 

From author Crystal Cierlak comes “Unbidden Love”, the fifth and latest entry to The Bidden Series. Want to read from the beginning? Start with “Candidate Four” to find out how Natalie Harlow met Gentleman Twelve, and entered the world that would forever change her life!

Available now on Kindle from Amazon.com.

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