An Evening At The Sandlot ?>

An Evening At The Sandlot

It turns out I’m kind of a hermit, and I have the Vitamin D deficiency to prove it (not kidding, but I’m now on super powerful supplements and officially need to go outside more often). But last night I left my apartment to do something I haven’t done since I was a young teenager: go to the drive-in! We don’t have a formal drive-in movie theater here in Bakersfield, but there is a local organization called Cinertain that does a…

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Bidden Book 6 Title and Cover Reveal! (Teaser Tuesday #18) ?>

Bidden Book 6 Title and Cover Reveal! (Teaser Tuesday #18)

Sometimes, naming a book or a story is harder than you might think. Two years ago when I wrote Candidate Four the name came pretty easily. It was evocative and mysterious, and looking back on it now I love that Natalie is introduced to us the same way she is James Fitzgerald, as an anonymous girl with a story to tell. Now of course we know and (hopefully) love her as Natalie, and her days of being Candidate Four are behind…

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