Contested Heart

She was always going to have to pick. James, or Audra?

Since stepping into the world of Candidate Four, Natalie Harlow has found herself living her best life. The new media company she launched is growing every day, she’s got a killer wardrobe, and is currently dating two very sexy billionaire executives. All roads point to James, but in Audra Natalie has found an equal, a partner who excites and intrigues her in ways she never had before. Both James and Audra are making changes in their lives, getting ready to settle down. They’re just waiting for Natalie to finally choose.

A veteran of the Friday night auctions, Quinn Potter has met her fair share of Gentleman, each with their own kinks and tastes. But no amount of kink or fetish could prepare Quinn for Scott Logan, who gives her an auction experience she’s never had before: drinking and talking. No sex. When he leaves he gives her a card with his number, everything she needs to find him if she wants to see him again… and she does.

Contested Heart

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